Difficult day

20130312-162748.jpgDays like this just make me want to eat. And eat. and eat. Between the normal period cravings and feeling wonky from Vicodin, I just want to stuff my face. I’m trying to keep it healthy. I had a steamer bag of broccoli and pasta and rice.  And then just now another picnic snackbox. At least this one was gluten-free! I really just want a huge pile of chocolate and chips and junk food right now and it makes me miserable. I hate feeling this way. I’m still in so much pain, although my back is a little better. It’s been pouring rain all day, so I’m not too bummed out that I wasn’t up for walking or anything. I am frustrated that I’ve been trying to get some work done from home all day (I’m a web developer) and all I’ve been doing is wrestling with my computer. I don’t have much patience today. I’m planning to have a big taco salad (have avocados and black beans that need eating) for dinner.



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