Early morning

Breakfast grabbed on the go this morning, I see my therapist before work on Wednesdays. Haven’t seem him since before my surgery so it’s been a few weeks.

I’m feeling better than yesterday, but still in a fair bit of pain. Meant to wear my Fitbit today but I forgot it and I’m kind of bummed. I’ll still try to get in some walking. I have to walk a bit to and from the trolley to get to my therapist, so yay for unavoidable exercise.



5 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. Hello, just reading a little on your blog. I am not sure if you are aware about a few things.
    Dried fruit is very high in sugar, yes natural kind but still high sugar content. With your nut bars, make sure they are not loaded with honey.
    I am not sure what your protein intake is like… make sure you eat protein. Protein makes you fuller for longer (not just the shakes I mean). So breaky have some eggs on wholegrain toast, lunch some tuna/fish/lean beef salads. Or maybe a sandwich (again wholegrain) Dinner have some more protein with green leafty veggies (broccoli, spinach etc) The leafy veggies have your carbohydrates (the good kind). For snacks have a handful of unsalted nuts and some blueberries or watermelon. The key is to have 5 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism burning. If you eat the protein you will feel more satisfied and less likely to have a bad day. Drink plenty of water – stay away from soda and juices (some juices have more sugar than coke). If you need flavoured water squeeze some lemon and a few mint leaves thrown in (a little less boring). I find if I fill a squeezy water bottle (large one) with water at the start of the day and take small sips, I finish the water pretty early on in the day and then start again.
    Give yourself a day off from your healthy eating plan (don’t think of it as dieting) – just don’t go overboard.
    Make sure you are getting plenty of exercise, walk to work if you can, take the stairs instead of the lift. Go for walks with friends or colleagues. Try and do at least 30 mins a day.
    On gluten, I’ve been gluten intolerant for 5 years – never looked back since I’ve switched. Interestingly enough one of the symptoms I had was cramping… along with bloating, hair loss, fatigue… and a few other girly things that I wont share on the web!
    There are loads of options to Gluten free foods, it can take some hunting down or buying food on the net – but it is out there.
    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks! I’m not new to weight loss or eating healthy – I lost 120 lbs a couple years ago. I just know that i need to ease into it to make sure that I don’t feel “omg i’m dieting i hate this!” I plan to just keep eating healthier and healthier, and then starting to take things out of my diet. So, i’m not gluten-free or vegan yet, but I’m trying to be 100% aware of those two things especially as I get healthier. And I love to exercise – I was always exercising before all the pain started and I’d like to get it to a mangeable level so I can get to the gym again. I’m starting to walk more, when the weather cooperates. It’s a slow process, I know, but one I have been though before.


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