Another Sick Day

Tuesdays don’t seem to be too great for me, do they? This time it’s some sort of cold/flu that I’ve been fighting. Home sick/sort of working from home.

Decided to start off the day with a very green smoothie – clementines, green tea, mixed greens, kale, parsley, and some mixed fruit. Followed by a pile of vitamins and supplements, so let’s hope i kick this fast! (FYI – I usually only post one cup/glass of my smoothies – but they’re usually a whole blender-full. I’ve been using disposable cups because I hate the environment (no, i don’t, i just didn’t want to have a lot of dishes following my surgery so i bought disposable everything) and it’s usually at least 2 solo cups of veggie goodness 🙂

Photo Mar 19, 8 52 45 AM

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