Lunch, snacks, nutrition, and reading

Snacks today were a tiny greek yogurt and a fruit leather, and some green tea. Lunch was a salad and Lean Cuisine. Interestingly, yesterday I was entirely vegan/gluten free, and had no pelvic pain. Almost immediately after eating lunch, it came back. Is the link between food and endo pain that strong, or is it coincidence?

Photo Mar 20, 11 12 32 AM Photo Mar 20, 11 31 02 AM Photo Mar 20, 11 54 24 AM Photo Mar 20, 12 21 57 PM Photo Mar 20, 12 35 20 PM

I’ve also been reading The China Study, which is really fascinating, and is a very long and detailed book about a series of studies that proved that a plant-based diet is healthier for you. The chapter I’m reading now is about a study where they showed that animal protein (specifically casein) in various levels could literally turn cancer on and off. Crazy stuff. And definitely enough to make you want to stop eating animals entirely. At this point i just want to eat up what’s in my kitchen! I’m too poor to throw it out 🙂


Some more afternoon snacks (granola bar, fruit & nuts from a picnic box) and more tea.

2013-03-20 13.59.41 2013-03-20 15.02.38 2013-03-20 15.47.39 2013-03-20 15.54.18


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