Tabletop Day

Decided to have a big breakfast today because I kne w I would be out and I didn’t want to feel crappy and get a headache if I didn’t eat. Turns out to be a great idea. I had a peanut butter, banana, spinach, kale, and coconut smoothie and gluten free pancakes with coconut butter and maple syrup.
20130330-184837.jpg 20130330-184414.jpg
We stopped at Whole Foods on out way to the mall for table top day and had a beer. I thought about having a cider instead, but it was really good. Had a ton of fun playing a bunch of different games at the comic book shop, including Kobolds Ate My Baby, which is a D&D sort of game,but super silly and we got to play it with the guy whole made it, which was awesome. I packed the last of the granola bars and munch while we played. And them around 4:30 we realized we hadn’t eaten so we got some food. Mall food court wasn’t doing it for me so I went to chipotle and got a burrito bowl and chips. Mexican is always my favorite choice and usually the easiest. Beans, rice, veggies. Can’t go wrong.
20130330-184422.jpg 20130330-184434.jpg

Super tired now that I’m home and considering a nap, although I really don’t want to nap the evening away, I’m not sure i have a choice. I hate feel so tired all the time.


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