Dinner – Vegan “Alfredo”

I LOVE this recipe for vegan alfredo sauce (and pretty much anything from Oh She Glows). I usually soak the cashews for a few minutes (at least 10 or so, while the water boils), skip the butter, go heavy on the seasoning/garlic/spices, and try to add some green. Today I added a blender full of spinach, and it was so good. I had a bowl with some quinoa/corn pasta, but I didn’t have much pasta… so then i just ate the sauce ūüôā I love that you can put spinach in pretty much anything. I think I’m going through about 3 big bags a week (and a couple handfuls go to my rat, Webbles, he loves his veggies, too). Nothing like comfort food that’s totally good for you. ¬†Also, I was out of nutritional yeast for the longest time and i finally ordered some from Amazon, and I just wanted to make something with it. I think I’m going to go through it pretty quickly – I need to find a cheap source of it! It’s so hard to find in grocery stores, even the nicer ones ¬†– Whole Foods is about the only place that has it and I never make it out there. Also had a coconut water popsicle after dinner.

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I’m devouring The China Study¬†– it’s so fascinating! I can’t believe the amount of links between animal protein and disease. And given that this information is out there, I can’t believe that veganism still seems “radical” to so many people! It seems like the only sane thing to do if you don’t want to die. This is not some “diet” book or fake study – this is one of the most monumental nutrition/health studies ever conducted by some of the most renowned scientists in the field – and it’s not new, either! Endo or no, permanent veganism seems more and more like the best option.

Speaking of endo, I have been having some pain off and on all day. I still can’t tell if it’s residual from the surgery (which was a month ago today) or if the surgery didn’t help. There’s so much pain that it gets hard to tell what’s what. I’m sure other endo girls know what I’m talking about. ¬†I haven’t taken Vicodin in days and I don’t want to – I’m tired of being fuzzy and messed up and not myself. I’m a web developer, and my¬†programming¬†is suffering because of it – I need to be sharp and clear and not make stupid mistakes because pain meds have me in a fog. It’s not even right for me to be at work if I’m feeling like that. ¬†I hope that I can just keep my head up and that changing my diet helps with the pain so I can feel like myself again!