Snacks, dinner, and cooking

Had carrots & hummus for a snack, and some cookie balls. Forgot to take pictures of the carrots.

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Came home on the bus feeling miserable, headache-y, and in lots of pain. Had leftover pasta for dinner x2. Ate a couple zucchini chips when i took them out of the dehydrator. So good!

Had a little bit of a breakdown trying to figure out what I want to do about medication, decided to get a second opinion, especially on how to treat the Hashimoto’s. Feel a little better about that. Did some more cooking! Made this vegan feta cheese, can’t wait to bake it and try it. Made this cracker ┬árecipe using gluten-free flour and some flax seed, came out well. Sliced up the rest of the zucchini and put it in the dehydrator. Also made these coconut bars and put them in the freezer.

Monday, Monday

Tried to feel better today by wearing a new dress – that always works, right?

Started out with a green smoothie with green tea, fruit, and lots of greens. Starting to feel sick, and i want it to go away! Also had a key lime Chobani flip, which was delicious. Some chai tea with coconut milk on the way in.

Had to go to the body shop to get the car fixed and pick up the rental, such a hassle, and was late to work. Was hungry when I got in, so I had a fruit and grain bar. Had a picnic box for a late morning snack, and a lean cuisine later in in the afternoon, and then some clementines, along with some green tea.

Photo Mar 18, 8 20 19 AM Photo Mar 18, 8 06 51 AM Photo Mar 18, 12 10 36 PM Photo Mar 18, 12 10 29 PM Photo Mar 18, 11 21 18 AM Photo Mar 18, 3 58 45 PM Photo Mar 18, 2 10 47 PMPhoto Mar 18, 3 58 52 PM


Got home from work, felt like total crap. Managed to make my absolute favorite (vegan, gluten-free!) soup for dinner and it was soooo comforting. Garbanzo Bean soup – it’s basically hummus, but soup. Go make it right now. I love it so much – I douse it with lemon juice and paprika and a spritz of garlic oil (i just happen to have this oil that i got as a gift, and it’s been in my Misto forever. I would probably just use garlic powder otherwise. I heart garlic). I had it with a few “everything” flatbread crackers. Also had a few spoonfuls of coconut milk ice cream and a coconut water with pineapple bar – really good. Can you tell I’m obsessed with coconut? Then I felt a little bingey and I shouldn’t have – probably because of the glass of wine I had with dinner and the stress I’ve been feeling. I had the cheese & crackers and nuts from a picnic box, a handful of shredded cheese and… that was it, but it felt awful. ­čśŽ ┬áMy pain has been intermittent and more manageable the past few days, which is not to say it’s gone, but I’m dealing with it.

Photo Mar 18, 6 29 57 PM Photo Mar 18, 6 45 49 PM