Got home tonight, I had taken my boyfriend’s car to work because he stayed home. I had some coconut bread for a snack and then immediately crashed out on the couch and took something because i was in tons of pain. He hadn’t answered a text, so I figured I was sleeping and I’d bring his car back later. Then he gets pissed about that.
I go back to sleep, get up, make an awesome dinner, and then he gets pissed at me for tweeting a picture of awful traffic. Seriously? I wasn’t even moving. He uses his phone in the car all the time. I have never been in an accident, gotten a ticket, etc. Ever. So I got pissed, drove his car back, tossed the keys inside the door and walked home. And now he’s more pissed. I told him I had a horrible day and needed love and support from him, not being treated like a child. Now I feel like I can’t talk to him about any of this and how scared I am, and I’m so upset and I can’t stop crying.

Dinner – Butternut squash mac & “cheese.” This is a great recipe, hadn’t made it before. Used this brown rice pasta, and it was so good, you’d never know it was rice pasta.

2013-04-02 21.41.50

I also put some kale and zucchini in the dehydrator – used this recipe. can’t wait to see how they turn out!

I also washed a bunch of the greens I got yesterday, and tossed some in the freezer.

Now I just need to relax and get some sleep.

Cooking and Relaxing

Had a picnic box for lunch and made one of my favorite vegan Mac and cheese recipe with gluten free pasta and brown rice cereal for breadcrumbs. May have eaten too much of it, but it’s delicious and I did leave some for lunch this week. Also had a small granola bar and a coconut water Popsicle.

Made some cookie dough balls for snacks for the week too. Now I have two different kinds of those, plus granola bars and fruit leather. Made some hummus (hint – remove the skins – takes a while but I swear it’s worth it) and some cucumber chips in the dehydrator. we’ll see how those are.

Still feeling tired and sick, but well enough to cook. I’ve missed cooking. Being so tired and ill and depressed kept me from cooking for awhile, and certainly led to much of my weight gain. I’m feeling so much better about myself and my nutrition. It’s nice to not constantly be down in the dumps anymore. I had a hell of a roller coaster with some different anti-depressants but it seems like I’ve got a good one now.

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