Making the best of it

Somehow sick days always turn into “productive at home” days. I feel like crap and I’m sneezing and tired and achy, but I cooked!

I wanted some warm, garlicky pasta for lunch, so I made this recipe for Creamy Avocado pasta, and used a gluten-free quinoa/corn pasta (disclosure: this pasta is not the best, so it’s good in dishes that have a lot going on like this one.)

Photo Mar 19, 12 38 19 PM Photo Mar 19, 12 43 41 PM Photo Mar 19, 12 52 39 PM

I also made some snack bars for the week that I’ve been wanting to make for a while – and they are SO GOOD. I followed this recipe for 5 Minute No-bake granola bars. I used crunchy almond butter that i’d been trying to use up, and added a tb of coconut butter to the wet ingredients. I also microwaved them till they were really liquid, which made it easier to mix, and then spread them on parchment paper in a pan. They are not going to last long. Next time i will make them even more coconutty!

Making sure I get lots of good, healthy food in me today in hopes that this cold/flu/whatever will go away soon!