Good start after a bad night

20130314-093559.jpgLast night I really wasn’t feeling so well, but this morning has been better so far. I’m a little foggy, but not too much pain. Had time to whip up a huge green smoothie (and I have NO excuse for not doing this every day, i just need to do the dishes. I have two jars/jugs/whatever they are called for my blender, and there is no excuse for not having one of them clean every day).

  • a pile of greens from a mixed bag of kale, collards, and i don’t know what else
  • a big bunch of parsley
  • coconut milk (I don’t always get enough fat in my smoothies)
  • peanut butter (ok, maybe i do!)
  • protein powder
  • plain cocoa powder
  • chia seeds
  • almond milk

Thoughts on the new Pope? I’m Catholic, but I haven’t liked a Pope since John Paul II. This guy seemed ok at first – really interesting that he’s the first Jesuit pope, since the papacy and the jesuits generally do not get along, but I think he might be too outspoken on anti-gay issues (especially adoption.) But since he was not (as far as we know) a member of the Hitler youth, I will give him a bit of a chance… I work at a Jesuit university so everyone here is pretty jazzed.