It’s been a long day

And not a great one. Personal things still getting me down. Food at work was ok, forgot pictures. Had a picnic box and a lean cuisine. Had a small fries and a small shake at Wendy’s in the afternoon with my boyfriend. Then I went I target to go shopping, which was mostly a bust, everything was too small. I got some underwear and cute sandals. Went to the bank, and the grabbed dinner at Chipotle – burrito bowl with no rice and chips on the side. Then I went to dress barn and found a ton of cute dresses that fit and found out I hadn’t used my card in a year so it got cancelled without me knowing and my credit is shot so they couldn’t put it back. So I put them all on layaway and i’ll get them when I get paid tomorrow. Now I’m at a cafe waiting for my boyfriend to be done with a meeting and pick me up. I got a slim chai latte, which is pretty good. Not picture worthy. I’m tired and I am supposed to go to this VIP beer gala at 8 and I just don’t want to. I feel and look like crap but I don’t want to bail.

Just one of those days.