Lunch and an unexpected cheering up

I finally decided to eat my salad, and then got interrupted by an inpromptu meeting which went well (showing my team what I’ve been working on). And then on the way back to the office, I talked with my boss, who asked me how I’ve been feeling – we’ve been getting close lately after I broke down in a performance review. His wife dealt with endo and infertility and they lost their first child last year. She’s pregnant again (and always in my thoughts) so he understands my stress over all of this, and I feel like I can talk to him about it, so I told him about my appointment today and it wound up making me feel a little better.

Feeling a little drowsy but I’ve gotten the pain manageable, for now. Have to drive home, so I have to be careful. Tonight I want to spend some time in the kitchen, take care of my rat, and relax on the couch. Maybe do my nails or something else for *me.*

Lunch was a salad of really wonderful fresh romaine, tofu (yes, I know, soy is not on the list, but for some reason I spaced out when I bought it – and it’s really wonderful fresh tofu), and vegetarian caesar dressing. (When I’m out of that I’ll have to make a good vegan one).  Having some cookie dough oat balls and chocolate coconut date balls for dessert – who needs cookies??

2013-04-02 15.06.51  2013-04-02 14.02.04

Back to the grind



Back to work. Still in lots of pain and it’s only getting worse as the day goes on. Just

going  to try to get through it. And I need to run  some errands after work (need wrapping paper for a baby shower this weekend!).

Had a picnic box and some cashews for an early lunch/late snack. Had a couple more cashews than are pictured… I just don’t feel like being hungry today. I have a Lean Cuisine in the freezer at work and some clementines here, too. But these cashews are really good… (and vegan and gluten-free! and the snack box was gluten-free, too!)

I have so much work to do and I’d rather go for a walk but I need to catch up, even though I stayed up late last night working. Argh.