Feeling Better!

I don’t feel anywhere near as sick as I did yesterday (and not much endo pain) so I’m back at work. I had awful dreams last night – I don’t know if they’re just from the painkillers (which i’ve been off for days and hoping it can stay that way) or from crazy hormones, or what. It makes me so tired.

Breakfast this morning was a green smoothie, of course – green tea, clementines, kale, parsley, baby bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, blueberries. And then a granola bar for some protein! I’ve been taking Chlorella and Spirulina tablets, and loading myself up with multivitamins and zinc to kick this cold. I also take ┬áVitamin D because I’m deficient ­čśŽ

Photo Mar 20, 8 09 29 AM Photo Mar 20, 8 21 56 AM


Hoping I continue to feel better today – and Happy Spring!