I didn’t eat especially well Friday. Had wawa breakfast – bagel, apples, apple juice. And there were donuts at work. I felt really crappy all day because I took some Vicodin in the morning and it made me sick for hours. And then at lunch, my boyfriend’s car got hit in the parking lot while we were in a store, so I just grabbed a sandwich instead of driving to the good salad place i had planned on.

Photo Mar 15, 8 58 09 AM Photo Mar 15, 8 58 03 AM Photo Mar 15, 8 57 57 AM Photo Mar 15, 11 38 57 AM Photo Mar 15, 8 51 48 AM Photo Mar 15, 1 15 11 PM

I came home from work, took a nap, had a lean cuisine for dinner (chicken carbonara – forgot to take a picture), and headed to Maryland for a baby shower the next day. Had a few rice cakes in my friend’s car, and some milk and cookies to take pills with at her boyfriend’s place later. He made us pancakes in the morning, and then it was off to the shower in Virginia. All this driving was pretty rough on the pain front.

The shower was fun, the food was good, I enjoyed myself, didn’t pig out, and tried not to worry about anything. Came home, had some candy from the shower favors, had a lean cuisine and a beer, and headed to my boyfriend’s. Had a very small glass of wine later in the night.

Photo Mar 17, 10 21 04 AM Photo Mar 17, 2 14 55 PM

Sunday I got back to it a little bit, had a green smoothie to start off (had major blender issues and burned out yet another blender – argh!). Lots of fruit and greens and some yogurt to start the day. Went to the gym for the first time in forever! Just focused on walking on the treadmill – it left me in some pain, but not too much. I got a new heart rate monitor, so that was fun to play with. Tried to have a reasonably healthy lunch from Wawa – turkey on wheat with baked chips and apples.

The day kind of sucked from there, my boyfriend’s foster cat escaped from her harness (we’d hooked her up to be able to explore the house without escaping… so much for that) and she mauled my hand when I tried to catch her. Wound up ordering out and had broccoli bites and a meatball sandwich for dinner. Worth it. It was delicious.

Sunday night was epic grocery shopping and I tried to get everything vegan and gluten free (with the exception of a couple things of greek yogurt). I had a really great shopping trip and bought mostly produce and nothing processed. Trying to get back to making my own lunches and not having lean cuisine. I’ve been using the Fooducate app, which is amazing (and now has an Allergy app where you can see what’s vegan/gluten/soy/nut free, etc, and a Diabetic app). I love this app and i think it’s so much fun. You scan your food’s bar code, and it gives you a grade that takes into account all of the nutritional info, ingredients, etc. I don’t want anything in my house that’s not getting an A or B! (except for some ingredients – obviously things that are not unhealthy in small amounts like oil and agave nectar and chocolate chips don’t get great ratings). But basically all of the meals in my freezer were C to D-. Boo. Have to work on that!