Adventures in Gluten-free breakfast

I wanted pancakes this morning. My version of pancakes is : put some dry ingredients in a bowl. wet them. cook. This never fails.

Except when you’re not using flour and you maybe use too much baking soda…

I used almond flour, oatmeal, flax, coconut milk, and almond milk. some salt and stevia and baking powder… and they just kind of foamed. and foamed and foamed in the pan. Eventually they did get flippable, and when i ate them with coconut butter, a sprinkle of coconut, and maple syrup, they were delicious. So, pancakes accomplished. But next time, recipe. Or at least some oat flour. The second one came out somewhat better than the first. But coconut fixes all!

2013-03-23 11.05.14 2013-03-23 11.21.21

Also, I don’t think i ate too much last night. It was so hard to listen to my body because I had such a screaming headache, but by the time I finally fell asleep, i was very,very hungry and my stomach was growling, so I wasn’t stuffed at all. And I haven’t been weighing myself, but I do feel like I’ve been steadily losing some weight the last couple weeks and I feel really good about that. Now if I could only feel well enough to get some real exercise!

I’m not sure at this point if I’m sick or it’s hayfever. I feel like death, but then an antihistamine clears it up. I still wind up with that fuzzy under the weather feeling, but I just don’t think I have a cold. I do, however, have lots of endo pain today. i took something for it and i”m icing my tummy, so I hope that helps. Looking forward to a relaxed day of video games and painting minatures for D&D.


I stayed up late reading The China Study – he goes into a lot about how politics and food lobbies keep this research from being mainstream knowledge. He explains how the diet ranges recommended by the goverment do absolutely nothing – and shows how a very unhealthy diet could easily fall into those ranges and rely entirely on crap foods.

2013-03-23 01.38.49