Lunch and an unexpected cheering up

I finally decided to eat my salad, and then got interrupted by an inpromptu meeting which went well (showing my team what I’ve been working on). And then on the way back to the office, I talked with my boss, who asked me how I’ve been feeling – we’ve been getting close lately after I broke down in a performance review. His wife dealt with endo and infertility and they lost their first child last year. She’s pregnant again (and always in my thoughts) so he understands my stress over all of this, and I feel like I can talk to him about it, so I told him about my appointment today and it wound up making me feel a little better.

Feeling a little drowsy but I’ve gotten the pain manageable, for now. Have to drive home, so I have to be careful. Tonight I want to spend some time in the kitchen, take care of my rat, and relax on the couch. Maybe do my nails or something else for *me.*

Lunch was a salad of really wonderful fresh romaine, tofu (yes, I know, soy is not on the list, but for some reason I spaced out when I bought it – and it’s really wonderful fresh tofu), and vegetarian caesar dressing. (When I’m out of that I’ll have to make a good vegan one).  Having some cookie dough oat balls and chocolate coconut date balls for dessert – who needs cookies??

2013-04-02 15.06.51  2013-04-02 14.02.04


Got riled up over this ridiculousness this morning – There is a lot of craziness in the world, but as this blog post put it, this was a loss for everyone, especially women. That lady is nuts. (TL;DR – woman at conference overheard seemingly innocuous “dongle” joke and misinterpreted “forking a repo.” called the guys out on twitter instead of saying something. One guy got fired, she got fired, internet is all in a tizzy. As a female programmer I have so many thoughts about this. Mostly dirty jokes about dongles and forking repos.)

Anyway, still feeling awful and sick. I just want to go home and curl up in a ball. I think I didn’t quite pack enough food today. Also, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of sugar in even “healthy” processed food (I know I bought this greek yogurt recently and i did intend it to be dessert since it has chocolate, but i’m definitely trying to eat up these frozen dinners). There are 13 g of sugar in 100g of yogurt. And 12g of sugar in my frozen dinner (although it tasted like much, much more – too sweet.) I do like Healthy Choice and their ingredient list is generally better than Lean Cuisine, but that’s 5 tsp of sugar just in my lunch! not to count the brown rice syrup in my homemade granola bars, or any of the naturally occuring sugars in the fruit in my smoothie. I mostly care about added sugars, but geez. Makes me think.

2013-03-22 12.39.12 2013-03-22 12.56.32 2013-03-22 13.11.15

Hoping for a quiet afternoon. Reviewed my part of the project and now it’s time for my co-worker to work on it, so aside from doing some testing, I’m planning on relaxing a little and reading.


Lunch & Dinner & a long day!

Today was long and busy – meetings and lots of work to be done. We’re finishing up a big backend change to our website and it’s launching after Easter.

Lunch today was a salad with black beans and some (stale) crushed up tortilla chips and chipotle ranch dressing. Sort of sad without avocado, but delicious anyway. And a picnic box. Snacks were granola bar, fruit and grain bar, yogurt, and of course, tea. And I had an unpictured jolly rancher.

2013-03-21 12.07.30 2013-03-21 12.19.13 2013-03-21 13.41.51 2013-03-21 14.04.51 2013-03-21 14.20.15 2013-03-21 14.43.41


I went to my boyfriend’s after work for what was supposed to be a minute because I am hurting and not feeling well. We have been making our own wine, which seems to be far more difficult than the kit lets on. We thought we had a 5 minute step today (de-gassing) but we spent hours and it’s still fizzing… *sigh*. If we have 6 gallons of crappy wine, it is not going to be good (I said we should just buy 20 gallons of sprite and make wine cooler!)

So I was starving when I got home and just wanted to eat a big dinner. I made a lean cuisine, a salad with caesar dressing (Brianna’s is vegetarian and delicious), whole wheat toast with butter, and a glass of sweet red wine. really hit the spot. Then I made a microwave brownie concotion with almond flour, cocoa powder, coconut butter, a dash of salt, water, and soy/dairy free chocolate chips. It was really delicious. Funny how this meal seems so unhealthy to me but it really isn’t, when you look at it. Not endo-diet, but hey, i didn’t eat out, and I had my vegetables! One step at a time 🙂 And I was in a lot of pain and tired of it so I took some Vicodin. I haven’t all week, but my dreams have been awful anyway so it doesn’t seem to matter. I just don’t want to take it during the day.

2013-03-21 19.14.43 2013-03-21 19.16.46 2013-03-21 19.26.27 2013-03-21 19.41.22


I’m planning on reading for a while (almost halfway through The China Study – more and more fascinating every chapter! So much I didn’t know) and then getting to bed. I am so tired and drained, I could barely stay away today, and I need to review my code and make sure things are really in shape tomorrow at work.


Had so much trouble getting out of bed today. I feel sick and am in a fair amount of pain. Nevertheless, I made sure to eat a good breakfast and pack a good lunch. Today’s smoothie was green tea, spinach, kale, parsley, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, and grapes. I really need a new blender. Had a granola bar (as I’m typing this) and then I’m dashing to a meeting.

2013-03-21 08.26.21 2013-03-21 09.23.30 2013-03-21 09.43.00

Yay for free starbucks on our boss’ tab – I had a Vanilla Rooibos tea (nothing added). Delicious and warming. Now for a day of lots of work.. and lots of pain. Ugh. I had more crazy nightmares last night and I feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

Back to the grind



Back to work. Still in lots of pain and it’s only getting worse as the day goes on. Just

going  to try to get through it. And I need to run  some errands after work (need wrapping paper for a baby shower this weekend!).

Had a picnic box and some cashews for an early lunch/late snack. Had a couple more cashews than are pictured… I just don’t feel like being hungry today. I have a Lean Cuisine in the freezer at work and some clementines here, too. But these cashews are really good… (and vegan and gluten-free! and the snack box was gluten-free, too!)

I have so much work to do and I’d rather go for a walk but I need to catch up, even though I stayed up late last night working. Argh.


Difficult day

20130312-162748.jpgDays like this just make me want to eat. And eat. and eat. Between the normal period cravings and feeling wonky from Vicodin, I just want to stuff my face. I’m trying to keep it healthy. I had a steamer bag of broccoli and pasta and rice.  And then just now another picnic snackbox. At least this one was gluten-free! I really just want a huge pile of chocolate and chips and junk food right now and it makes me miserable. I hate feeling this way. I’m still in so much pain, although my back is a little better. It’s been pouring rain all day, so I’m not too bummed out that I wasn’t up for walking or anything. I am frustrated that I’ve been trying to get some work done from home all day (I’m a web developer) and all I’ve been doing is wrestling with my computer. I don’t have much patience today. I’m planning to have a big taco salad (have avocados and black beans that need eating) for dinner.